Attic Insulation

Don’t let heat escape through your roof!!

Attic Insulation – The Facts

A roof that is not properly insulated could be letting up to 30% of your home’s heat escape which is costing you money.

For homes with pitched roofs and attic space, the most common attic or roof insulation solution is to put down two layers of quilted mineral wool insulation criss-crossing each other on the floor of the attic.

A properly insulation attic can save you hundreds every year on your home heating bills.

Options for your attic with Finlay Eco Fit-
Quilt insulation: Laid between & above the joists across the floor of your attic.
Dormer houses: Upgrade your top attic, vertical studs & side attics with various methods with Finlay EcoFit.
Lagging: Pipes to attic to be lagged with new certified lagging. Important in extreme conditions.
Water tanks: Insulated & covered. Important in extreme conditions.
Trapdoor: Insulated & draught proofed. No more cold breezes coming down your trapdoor!!
Attic Ladder: We can install an attic ladder for easy access to your attic.
Storage: We can construct a new timber storage platform for you, installed above the top level of the new insulation therefore creating a new storage area while improving your attic insulation.

Check out the links below to get more information on the quilt insulation we use:

Benefits of Attic Insulation-
• Reduction of heating bills, low capital costs, short payback periods.
• Increased comfort levels
• Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

SEAI are offering grants of up to €1500 for upgrading your attic insulation with Finlay Ecofit.